5th edition – July 31 to August 26, 2017

Applications : CLOSED

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PSA is a GREEN program. Applications can only be submitted only via email.


Paris Summer Academy (PSA) is an intensive artistic educational program dedicated to new forms of Dance, Physical theatre, Performance art and Body-Mind methods. PSA is organised by ORIANTHEATRE in partnership with CITÉ INTERNATIONALE DES ARTS DE PARIS & MICADANSES. The program is open to all Dance, Physical Theatre and Performance artists, regardless to their nation or age. In 2017, our invited teaching-artists are as below:


#  ULAY (Netherlands) will be teaching a series of workshops around and about Performance art called The simultaneity of the other* followed by a group public performance /// Summary: All participants will be approached to eventually give a solo performance, meaning not harmonised but each of them will perform in his/her way. ULAY will work with the whole group as well as with each individual separately to develop further their performances. The aim is that for the public performance all participants will perform simultaneously in one and the same space. The space has to be adequate to enable all performers at the same time. A possible harmonisation of the individual performances is up to the spectator.

*This workshop is recommended to dancers, actors and of course performance artists.

# ULTIMA VEZ Company (Belgium), represented by Rob Hayden /// Summary: participants of this workshop will study the vocabulary from several Ultima Vez shows in order to understand the most important aspects of these performances. Participants explore and confront Vandekeybus’ energetic vocabulary through floor work, partner and contact work and movement as a ‘theatrical act’ rather than as a ‘technique’. Robert Hayden has been a member of Ultima Vez since 2002. He regularly teaches Ultima Vez workshops and is also developing his own work.

Miguel Pereira (Portugal) will be teaching his workshops about and around Seeing & Performing  /// Summary: The starting point is the body as an instrument of research and analysis, focusing on interpretation and composition. I would like to open a free space for practical theorethical experiences, based on the concepts of showing, exhibiting and representation of the body. A contribution to new perspectives and possibilities in terms of the perception of the way in which one sees and performs “dance”.

Mehdi Farajpour (Iran/France) will teach a series physical cutting edge workshops focused on the Creative choreography, Performance art & visual poetry. Mehdi’s workshop is called Empty Body /// Summary: A meditative sort of dance and movement inspired by the images of Persian mystical poetry and philosophy. Besides, the method is questioning the notion of dance and the physicality in performance as well as in choreography. Concentration, Presence, Meditation in movement, Balance, … are only few of the headlines that the method is going to focus on.

Skye Reynolds (Autralia/Scotland) will be teaching a workshop called Practice : Practise /// Summary: She will focus on defining ideas using the body and/or language. How and what do we wish to communicate? How does performance influence practice? Working with the body as a primary starting point, Skye will propose tasks and improvisation scores through which participants can explore their range, as well as experience the intersections of a multidisciplinary approach. Artists will share in a creative process, sourcing their different backgrounds and skills to build new landscapes, challenge personal practice and present ideas.

# Elke Luyten (USA) will be teaching Dance Base workshops /// Summary: The interest is to open our bodies to new somatic experiences and thoughts. Within the artifacts of dance encounters she aspire to strip away the need to show, to present and to perform so that the body can exist not only formally but energetically. Through movement phrases, Elke would like to discuss the politics of our dancing bodies. Elke Luyetn, as a performer and dancer, has worked with Robert WILSON, Marina ABRAMOVIC, David BOWIE,…

Cyclic Yoga with Mehdi FARAJPOUR (Iran/France) /// Summary: Cyclic Yoga is a creative way of practicing Hatha yoga, firstly created by the outstanding Indian yoga master: MAYA. Lately it has been adapted for performers, actors & dancers by Mehdi Farajpour. The structure of Cyclic yoga is like a Rosary. All physical positions (beads) are connected one to another by an invisible string (breathing). The whole session runs in a fluid manner and as a choreography.


1) Send us your CV via the following email address and ask for an application form. Please, mention the word “ACADEMY” in the subject line of your Email. Our address: oriantheatre(at)live(dot)fr

2) We will get back to you with the application form within two working days.

3) You will be asked to submit your completed application form to the same address: oriantheatre(at)live(dot)fr


The Academy will run from July 31  to August  27, 2017. Detailed program, below:

WEEK 1 (31 July to 4 August 2017):
– Miguel Pereira (Portugal) / Seeing and Performing (dance, theatre, performance) / 10h-13h
– Skye Reynolds (Australia/Scotland) / Practice:Practise (contemporary dance & performance) / 14h-17h

WEEK 2 (7 to 11 August 2017):
– ULAY (Netherlands) /  The simultaneity of the other (Performance Art) / 11h-17h (with lunch-break)
– Cyclic Yoga method with Mehdi FARAJPOUR (Iran/France) / 10h-11h

WEEK 3 (14 to 18 August 2017):
– ULTIMA VEZ (Belgium) / Dance & physical theatre / 10h-17h (including lunch-break)

WEEK 4 (21 to 25 August 2017):

– Elke Luyten (USA) / Dance & Performance / 10h-13h
– Mehdi Farajpour (Iran/France) / Empty Body (Dance & Performance research mixed with preparation for final show)  / 14h-17h

Final performance: 26 August – 20h




– The Academy’s capacity is limited. Early applications will have priority to be considered for the program.
– The Academy will be closed during weekends.
– The Academy’s main language either for communications and in the workshops is English.
– The Academy will end up with a Final performance directed by Mehdi Farajpour. Performing in the show is not obligatory.
French artists can apply for support from POLE EMPLOI for their participation (aide pour la Formation professionelle).
– The hours of workshops at PSA can be considered as working hour for French artists (Intermittents du spectacle).
– Need help or got a question about ACCOMMODATION in Paris? Email us.

For all inquiries, please do not hesitate to send us an email via: oriantheatre(at)live(dot)fr
In case of having troubles with the above-mentioned account, send a copy of your email to oriantheatre(at)live(dot)fr

PSA 2017 team