7th edition of International
5 to 30 August 2019

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PSA is a GREEN program.
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Paris Summer Academy (PSA) is the meeting spot for innovative workshops around Dance, Physical theatre, Performance & Live art as well as Body-Mind research methods. PSA is a summer intensive project initiated and organised by ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company in partnership with the CITÉ INTERNATIONALE DES ARTS DE PARIS & the MICADANSES. The program is open to all curious and open-minded Dancers, Physical theatre actors and Performance artists who are willing to expand their abilities towards a cutting edge horizon. In 2019, PSA’s guest teaching-artists and companies are: ULTIMA VEZ Company (Belgium), Toula LIMNAIOS Company (Germany), Miguel PEREIRA (Portugal), Olivier GERMSER (France), Mehdi FARAJPOUR (France), Katie DUCK (USA-Netherlands).


# ULTIMA VEZ Company (Belgium) /// Physical Theatre and Contemporary Dance /// Summary: participants of this workshop will study the vocabulary from several ULTIMA VEZ shows with the company’s artists in order to understand the most important aspects of these performances. Participants explore and confront Vandekeybus’ energetic vocabulary through floor work, partner and contact work and movement as a ‘theatrical act’ rather than as a ‘technique’.

# Toula LIMNAIOS Company (Germany/Greece) /// Contemporary Dance /// Title: Fascination and Violence: The horde /// Summary: A specific topic will be developed in this workshop, focused on a drawing shown on stage … The experiences gained during the creative process will be translated into improvisations and short choreographic sequences. The goal is to experience different compositional principles, to develop dynamics and movement quality in order to achieve an individual expression into a group. Being immersed in a creative process who combines the dialog between dance and music, being guided by the composer Ralf R. Ollertz, who will compose within the music for this drawing. who determines whom? Music the dance? Or dance the music? Is there an independence between the two arts? There are no “receipts” to choreograph. As time goes by, a personal signature develops, but each piece is a new challenge. Through different themes, different research are required and the resulting search for an “original” movement language in correspondence to the subject, the search for adequate compositional means to develop the dramaturgically important inner thread, an inner logic of the composition, and how to transport those ideas to other universes, and move other people in their inner. The focus is on a physical dance, as an expression and reflection of our epoch, the time in which we live, in the here and now …

# Olivier GERMSER (France) /// Contemporary Urban Dance /// Olivier Germser is a dancer and choreographer for about twenty years. He is the founder of TANGOSUMO Company but before getting entirely involved in this new adventure, he has also founded various dance companies such as Longitude, After Eight, or Saltindanses. /// Summary: During 30 hours workshops at PSA 2018, Olivier will work on togetherness of performers with a special focus on his wonderful choreographies such as FUERA FISSA, LES ACHILLES & AROUND /// A Note by Olivier: A chorus of dancers in a headlong race, attempting a metamorphosis. They synchronize their breathing to explore their limits. Slowly to begin with, then incredibly quick. Together, no matter what. Dance like a torrent which hurtles down, melt together as one.

Miguel PEREIRA (Portugal) /// Live Performance Art & Contemporary Dance /// Miguel will be teaching his workshops about and around the theme: Seeing and Performing  /// Summary: The starting point is the body as an instrument of research and analysis, focusing on interpretation and composition. I would like to open a free space for practical theorethical experiences, based on the concepts of showing, exhibiting and representation of the body. A contribution to new perspectives and possibilities in terms of the perception of the way in which one sees and performs in Theatre and in Dance.

# Katie DUCK (USA/Netherlands) /// Contemporary Dance & Conceptual Live Art /// Katie will be working on Movement research, Improvisation and Composition during her intensive workshops /// Summary: Towards the creation of work in a Music Theatre Platform. Katie Duck has been teaching since she began to perform professionally in the mid 70’s. She guides performers through physical exercises that highlight how the eyes and ears affect movement choices. Katie uses lecture materials form met research (The developmental Brain  “Why we learn to walk”  alongside exercises and games to engage the student physically, exploring emotions, feelings, intuition and empathy as a means to support “Dance and/or creative movement is fancy walking”). She extends the workshop towards improvisation sessions by setting a fictional front in the studio space and then declare this as a platform to choose pause, flow or exit. Katie Duck highlights how the limit of these three choices can already provide the frame for a composition to take place, and that misunderstanding, coincidence, real time, interactivity, messiness and inspiration are basic in a creative process. “Tell the brain to tell the mind to shut up — body obey me”

Mehdi FARAJPOUR (Iran/France) /// A Meditative Dance Landscape /// Mehdi will be teaching a series of physical cutting edge workshops about a Meditative Dance Landscape with a focus on his creative choreography writings & visual poetry called EMPTY BODY /// Summary: A meditative form of dance and movement, as physical mantra that takes all its inspiration from the images coming out of Persian mystical poetry and philosophy. Besides, the method is questioning the notion of dance and the physicality in performance as well as in choreography. Concentration, Presence, Meditation in movement, Balance, … are only few of the headlines that the method is going to focus on.

  • Mehdi FARAJPOUR will also teach Cyclic Yoga during PSA 2019 (as warming up sessions) /// Summary: Cyclic Yoga is a creative way of practicing Hatha yoga, firstly created by the outstanding Indian yoga master: MAYA. Lately it has been adapted for performers, actors & dancers by Mehdi Farajpour. The structure of Cyclic yoga is like a Rosary. All physical positions (beads) are connected one to another by an invisible string (breathing). The whole session runs in a fluid manner and as a choreography.


Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris & Micadanses (Salle MAYB)


The Academy will run from 5 to 30 August 2019.

WEEK 1 (5 to 9 August 2019):
– Contemporary Dance / with Olivier GERMSER / 10h-13h
– Seeing & Performing / with Miguel PEREIRA / 14h-17h

WEEK 2 (12 to 16 August 2019):
– Physical Theatre & Contemporary Dance / with ULTIMA VEZ Company / 10h-13h
– Physical Theatre & Contemporary Dance / with ULTIMA VEZ Company / 14h-17h

WEEK 3 (19 to 23 August 2019): This week consists of two parts:
> 19, 20 & 21 August:
– Cyclic Yoga / with Mehdi FARAJPOUR / 10h-11h
– Contemporary Dance / with Katie DUCK / 11h-13h & 14h-17h

> 22 & 23 August:
– EMPTY BODY / with Mehdi FARAJPOUR / 10h-13h & 14h-17h

WEEK 4 (26 to 30 August 2019):
– Fascination & Violence: The horde / with Toula LIMNAIOS Company / 10h-14h
– Extra sessions / Artistic exchange / Video, discussion,… / 15h-17h

 FINAL SHOW: 30 August 2019 / 20h / Micadanses (The show will be done under the artistic supervision of the choreographer: Toula Limnaios).


Fulfil and submit the ONLINE application form.


Contact us for more information via: parissummeracademy(at)gmail(dot)com


– The Academy’s capacity is limited (only 20 artists from all around the world).
– Early applications would have the priority to be considered for the program.
– You will receive an answer for your application in a couple of days after submitting your application.
– The Academy’s main language is English, either for inscription, communication and teachings.
– PSA is a creative summer intensive program where artists of more than 30 countries came together since 2013.
– PSA ex-participating-artists would benefit of a reduced tuition fee.
– PSA is supported by Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris and Micadanses Dance Center.
– PSA can provide ACCOMMODATION but only for FULL PROGRAM applicants.
– The Academy would end up with a Final performance. Performing in this show is not obligatory.
– PSA will deliver a CERTIFICATE to the FULL PROGRAM participants at the end of PSA 2019.
– The Academy will be closed during weekends in August 2019.