6th edition – July 30 to August 25, 2018

Applications: Closed (soon will be open for 2019)

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PSA is a GREEN program.
Applications are to be submitted either via the ONLINE application form or Email (PDF form to be downloaded, below).


Paris Summer Academy (PSA) is a unique summer intensive program among other similar programs, first of all, because of its concept. We are only interested in innovative methods in Dance, Physical theatre, Performance art and Body-Mind research methods. That is why in PSA, there are only artists-companies who are teaching their own methods. PSA is organised by ORIANTHEATRE in partnership with the CITÉ INTERNATIONALE DES ARTS DE PARIS & MICADANSES. The program is open to all curious and open-minded Dancer, Physical Theatre actors and Performance artists, regardless to their nation or age. In 2018, our guest teaching-artists and companies are as below:


# ULTIMA VEZ Company (Belgium) /// Summary: participants of this workshop will study the vocabulary from several ULTIMA VEZ shows with the company’s artists in order to understand the most important aspects of these performances. Participants explore and confront Vandekeybus’ energetic vocabulary through floor work, partner and contact work and movement as a ‘theatrical act’ rather than as a ‘technique’.

# Olivier GERMSER (France), Dancer and choreographer for about twenty years. He is the founder of TANGOSUMO Company but before getting entirely involved in this new adventure, he has also founded various dance companies such as Longitude, After Eight, or Saltindanses. /// Summary: During 30 hours workshops at PSA 2018, Olivier will work on togetherness of performers with a special focus on his wonderful choreographies such as FUERA FISSA, LES ACHILLES & AROUND /// A Note by Olivier: A chorus of dancers in a headlong race, attempting a metamorphosis. They synchronize their breathing to explore their limits. Slowly to begin with, then incredibly quick. Together, no matter what. Dance like a torrent which hurtles down, melt together as one.

# Anatoli VLASSOV (Russia). Anatoli was the associate artist at the Théâtre de Bretigny in France during 2015-2016. He will be teaching a series of workshops entitled PHONESIA (performative practices) /// Summary: PHONESIA technique is an articulation that brings the dance and the sound poetry in a common flesh. Here the relationship between the musicality of words and the dance movements is not based on a textual accompaniment to the dance, but on a dynamic encounter between the two mediums. Each performer manages not only mouvement but drive his attention through the mixe between three «tracks» : dance, voice and sense. This synesthesic practice renounces all forms of hierarchy between gestures and words, speech and action, sense and meaning.

# Anthony HOWELL (UK), a legendary artist in the field of avant-guard art especially in Performance Art and Visual Theatre. He will be teaching ADVANCED PERFORMANCE ART workshops at PSA 2018. Check out his incredible performances HERE /// Summary (written by Mr. Howell): I will teach 5 three hour workshops. These will address certain questions: What are the primary elements of Performance Art? Can language be action, can action be language? What are the cathaxes of Time and Space? Is light outside our performance? Are we a presence or a puppet? Can we create an invisible performance?

  1. Introduction to Primaries of Performance
  2. Language as performance
  3. Cathexes of Time and Space.
  4. Looking at Light, looking at Sight
  5. Presence or Puppeteering

Requirements: each performer should consider a means of lighting, other than the electric light.

# Marek CHOLONIEWSKI (Poland), a wonderful electronic music composer /// Summary: Marek will build an Active kinetic space, where the movement of dancer in micro (gesture) and macro (movement of a body) scales would be an immanent element of a performance space becoming an Meta instrument with different forms of interaction, listed below.

  1. Optical system, like in my old performances
  2. Kinect-based system
  3. Hardware hacking – building a small miniature theremins
  4. Brainwaves-based performance – solo and group
  5. Electromagnetic dance with natural noises of electromagnetic space around
  6. Audio feedback installation as a living kinetic sculpture
  7. Cymatic elements of dance-sounds controlling movement of objects

To see some examples of Marek’s previous solo works and his collaboration with dancers, click HERE & HERE.

Mehdi FARAJPOUR (Iran/France) will teach a series physical cutting edge workshops about a Meditative Dance Landscape with a focus on his creative choreography writings & visual poetry. Mehdi’s workshop is called EMPTY BODY /// Summary: A meditative form of dance and movement, as physical mantra that takes all its inspiration from the images coming out of Persian mystical poetry and philosophy. Besides, the method is questioning the notion of dance and the physicality in performance as well as in choreography. Concentration, Presence, Meditation in movement, Balance, … are only few of the headlines that the method is going to focus on.

  • Mehdi FARAJPOUR will also teach Cyclic Yoga during PSA 2018 (as warming up sessions) /// Summary: Cyclic Yoga is a creative way of practicing Hatha yoga, firstly created by the outstanding Indian yoga master: MAYA. Lately it has been adapted for performers, actors & dancers by Mehdi Farajpour. The structure of Cyclic yoga is like a Rosary. All physical positions (beads) are connected one to another by an invisible string (breathing). The whole session runs in a fluid manner and as a choreography..



The Academy will run from July 30  to August  25, 2018.

WEEK 1 (30 July to 3 August 2018):
– Dance & physical theatre / with ULTIMA VEZ company / 10h-13h
– Dance & physical theatre / with ULTIMA VEZ company / 14h-17h

WEEK 2 (6 to 10 August 2018):
– Contemporary dance / with Olivier GERMSER – TANGOSUMO company / 10h-13h
– Contemporary dance / with Olivier GERMSER – TANGOSUMO company/ 14h-17h

WEEK 3 (13 to 17 August 2018):
– Advanced Performance Art workshops / with Anthony HOWELL / 10h-13h
– Contemporary dance / with Anatoli VLASSOV / 14h-17h

WEEK 4 (20 to 24 August 2018):
– EMPTY BODY / with Mehdi FARAJPOUR – ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company / 10h-13h
– Sound Art workshops / with Marek CHOLONIEWSKI / 14h-17h

 FINAL SHOW: 25th August 2018 / 18h-22h / Micadanses



– The Academy’s capacity is limited (20 artists from all around the world). Early applications will have the priority to be considered for the program.
– You need ACCOMMODATION during PSA 2018 in Paris? Read through the ONLINE application form about the conditions.
– The accommodation is available only for FULL PROGRAM participants.
– The Academy’s main language is English, either for communications and/or in the workshops.
– The Academy will end up with a Final performance. Performing in this show is not obligatory.
– The Academy will be closed during weekends in August 2018.
– French artists can apply for (aide pour la Formation professionelle) from POLE EMPLOI for their participation at PSA 2018. or as an alternative option, the workshop hours can be considered as working hour for the Intermittents du spectacle.