Statement of Jury (PUF festival 2016) about Ka-f-ka by Mehdi FARAJPOUR:

Honours to Mehdi Farajpour for the performance Ka-f-ka produced by the Oriantheatre Dance Company from Paris. Ka-f-ka from Mehdi Farajpour cannot fit into Cloud, Drop nor Wind, as this performance is simply everything – and is thus outside of the competition. With seeing this performance for the first time it becomes clear why the soul has the need to return to the body, which is this case more honest than words. This is – art.


Premier / Première2016 – Duration / Durée50 min – Genre: Interdisciplinary choreographic performance – Concept, Direction, Choreography and performance / Conception, mise en scéne,  Chorégraphie & interpretationMehdi Farajpour – Music / Musique: Arnaud ROLLAT – Video / Vidéo : Stepahne Bordonaro (based on original concepts of Mehdi Farajpour) – Technical Director /  Directeur techniqueArnaud Rollat.

Produced by : ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company – Supported by Centre national de la danse (mise à disposition du studio).


KA-F-KA by Mehdi Frarajpour, is a free interpretation inspired by Franz Kafka’s Metamorphoses in particular and his univers in general. Likewise FARAJPOUR’s other performances, KA-F-KA is also built up on an interdisciplinary (and not multidisciplinary) structure, that means, walking in between different disciplines instead of mixing them just for the sake of it.

The story:

KA-F-KA is the story of everyone and no one. A man, lost in the routine of his life, awakes to discover that he is transformed into another being. He suffers from isolation, hunger and pain but yet keeps running all through his social-individual obligations.