Premier / Première : 2006 – Duration / Durée : 45 min – Choreographer & director / Chorégraphe & metteur en scéne : Mehdi Farajpour – Performers / Performeurs Komal Subhash Gujarathi, Shima Mahdavi, Manali Subhash Gujarathi, Mehran Golmohammadi, Mehdi Farajpour – Stage Manager : Varesh Darvish & Maryam Majidi – Film : Ali Judi, Mehran Golmohammadi – Graphic & photos /Graphique & photos Maryam Majidi – Sound technicien / Son : Masoud Mardan – Accessories /Accesoires : Hengameh Sazesh – Video / Vidéo Masud Mardan – Public relations / Relations publiques Makan Kouchaki – Special thanks to / Merci à : Hema Nyranjan Nohony, Rahim Khouchaki.


2nd International Theatre Festival India, Barreilly / 11st International Theatre Festival, Cuttuck, India / 26th International Fadjr Theatre Festival, Tehran, Iran.


In indian belief, Shiva (the goddess of dance, love and deconstruction) will come back to ruin the world and reconstruct it in a better manner. This will happen during Kally ages (dark ages) when people’s heart symbolically will turn to cemetery. No emotion and faith will exist by that time. In such a situation, Shiva will start dancing at a cemetery and while he is madly dancing, he s called SUDDHALAIYADI (a dancer on the ashes of cemeteries).  The performance is based on a fantasy story about this belief.