Premier / Première2016 – Duration / Durée50 min – Genre: Dance / Danse – Concept, Direction & Choreography / Conception, mise en scéne & ChorégraphieMehdi Farajpour – Music / Musique: Mark Lenegan Band, Laurie Anderson, Beethoven – Performers / performeursNeus Canalias Avila, Katrina Elizabeth Bastian, Hélène Beilvaire, Ivona Medic, Toni Mononoke, Dora Brkaric, Vedran Stimac, Valentina Bekina, Lisa Marie Hennig-Olsen, Gaia Radic, Andrea Joksic, Vlado Butkovic, Ana-Maria Horvat, Fran Vozila, Elena Orlic & Pino Ivančić – Video / Vidéo : Danial – Technical Director /  Directeur techniqueMarko Bolkovic.

Co-producing partners : ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company & Festival PUF.


Summer Collection by M.F is a choreographed grotesque show about two words: Fashion and Politics. It is also about different definitions made up by putting these two words together: Fashionable Politics, Political Fashion,… Briefly, Summer Collection by M. F. is about I & WE, about people and their lack of individuality (identity) in our era.

Modern human seems to be condemned by himself to Not to exist anymore. He is obviously going to a wrong direction and yet insisting on it by ignoring himself and his natural roots.

Summer Collection is a demonstration of human’s mistakes, fragility, nostalgia and loneliness.