Created in 2022 / Concept, Direction & Choreography: Mehdi Farajpour / Performers: Fiona Witherell, Youha Kwak, Minsu Kim, Sunsea Lee & Gwan Sampé / Music: Maurizio Carrettin & Edgar Nicouleau / Video art: Mehdi Farajpour / Costume painting: Yong Seock Kim / A production of ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company / Produced for/at ACC_theatre (Gwangju, South Korea) / Sponsored by French Institute of Seoul (South Korea), School of Contemporary Dancers (Canada) / Special thanks to Hooyong Performing Arts Center (South Korea).


NO MORE BIRDS ON MY SIDE is a dance performance about Borders. A line that divides and makes things mine, yours or theirs. A line between here and there, between past, present and future, between you and me and even between me and myself.