Created in 2022 / Concept, Direction & Choreography: Mehdi Farajpour / Dancers: Fiona Witherell, Youha Kwak, Minsu Kim, Sunsea Lee & Gwan Sampé / Music: Maurizio Carrettin & Edgar Nicouleau / Video art: Mehdi Farajpour / Costume painting: Yong Seock Kim / A production of ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company / Produced for/at ACC_theatre (Gwangju, South Korea) / Sponsored by French Institute of Seoul (South Korea), School of Contemporary Dancers (Canada) / Special thanks to Hooyong Performing Arts Center (South Korea).


NO MORE BIRDS ON MY SIDE! is a political dance performance about Borders. A line that divides and makes things mine, yours or theirs. A line between here and there, between past, present and future, between you and me and even between me and myself. NO MORE BIRDS ON MY SIDE! is about both the “Business of Violence” and the “Violence of Business”.