8th edition of International
3 to 28 August 2020

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PSA is a GREEN program.
Applications are to be submitted ONLINE


Paris Summer Academy (PSA) is a summer intensive program with an interdisciplinary approach and a meeting spot for innovative Dance, Physical theatre, Performance artists from across the world. PSA is a project initiated and organised by ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company in partnership with the CITÉ INTERNATIONALE DES ARTS DE PARIS & MICADANSES. The program is open to all curious and open-minded Dancers, Physical theatre actors and Performance artists who are willing to expand their abilities towards a cutting edge horizon. In 2020, the following artists-companies were invited:


SOL PICO Company (Barcelona, Spain) /// Contemporary Dance /// Summary: Sol Picó, well versed in classical and contemporary dance techniques such as Cunnigham, Graham, Limon etc, and chi kung influences, makes use of them indirectly and gathers the primary energy necessary to start a journey into the development of the most personal nature. As to her movement both on stage and in her teaching method, she remains true to herself, working on the premises of power, speed, distortion and disruption of the body lines. /// Click on the name of the company for more information about the artist, style, shows,…

Miguel Pereira (Portugal) /// Live Art, Theatre and Contemporary Dance /// Workshop title: Seeing & Performing  /// Summary: The starting point is the body as an instrument of research and analysis, focusing on interpretation and composition. I would like to open a free space for practical theorethical experiences, based on the concepts of showing, exhibiting and representation of the body. A contribution to new perspectives and possibilities in terms of the perception of the way in which one sees and performs “dance”. /// Click on the name of the artist for more information about him.

# MEHDI FARAJPOUR (ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company) (Paris, France) /// Workshop Title: EMPTY BODY, a Meditative Dance and Performance Landscape /// Summary: EMPTY BODY is a creative movement and contemporary choreographic practice where Dance, Theatre, Performance & Poetry come together. The main challenge for practicers of this method is how to reach to the state of Emptiness in their mind as well as in their body. The same goal as in Hinduism: SAMADHI (समाधि), or in Sufism: FANA (فقر و فنا)  & in Buddhism: Nirvana (निर्वाण). /// Click on the name of the artist and/or the company for more information about the style, performances, workshops,…

# ULTIMA VEZ Company (Brussels, Belgium) /// Physical Theatre and Contemporary Dance /// Summary: participants of this workshop will study the vocabulary from several ULTIMA VEZ shows with the company’s artists in order to understand the most important aspects of these performances. Participants explore and confront Vandekeybus’ energetic vocabulary through floor work, partner and contact work and movement as a ‘theatrical act’ rather than as a ‘technique’ /// Click on the name of the company for more information about the style, shows, workshops,…

Gwen SAMPE (USA) /// will be teaching two days master-class & Vocal Workshops /// Workshop title: SOUNDSCAPING (Singing, Voice raining and vocal improvisation) /// Summary: The aim of this workshop is to explore the possibilities of the voice, both in spoken word and in music. Through the exploration of sound, from the conventional to the unconventional, from jazz to overtone singing, these classes will help students to develop their vocal potential. Rhythm, toning, breathing, movement and improvisations as well as silence will be used in order to stimulate ideas, improve listening skills and to enhance rhythmic sense and pitch perception. The sessions include both individual and group work.

Olivier GERMSER (France) /// Dancer and choreographer for about twenty years. He is the founder of TANGOSUMO Company but before getting entirely involved in this new adventure, he has also founded various dance companies such as Longitude, After Eight, or Saltindanses. /// Summary: During his workshops at PSA, Olivier will work on togetherness of performers with a special focus on his wonderful choreographies such as FUERA FISSALES ACHILLES & AROUND /// A Note by Olivier: A chorus of dancers in a headlong race, attempting a metamorphosis. They synchronize their breathing to explore their limits. Slowly to begin with, then incredibly quick. Together, no matter what. Dance like a torrent which hurtles down, melt together as one. /// Click on the name of the artist for more information.


Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris & Micadanses Dance Center (Salle MAYB)


PARIS SUMMER ACADEMY 2020 will run from 3 to 28 August 2020.

WEEK 1 (3 to 7 August 2020):
– Workshop  with OLIVIER GERMSER / 10h-12h
– Performance creation Lab with OLIVIER GERMSER / 13h-15h
– Workshop with ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company / 15h-17h (During this time slot Mehdi Farajpour will be teaching Empty Body workshops on the 3, 4 & 5 August and Gwen Sampé will be teaching Voice workshops on the 6 & 7 August).

Public presentation of WEEK 1: The outcome performance of WEEK 1 will be choreographed by Olivier Germser. The performance will take place on the 7 August (Venue and time will be confirmed later).

WEEK 2 (10 to 14 August 2020):
– Workshop with MIGUEL PEREIRA / 10h-13h
– Performance Lab with MIGUEL PEREIRA / 14h-17h

Public presentation of WEEK 2: The outcome performance of WEEK 2 will be choreographed by Miguel Pereira. The performance will take place on the 14 August (Venue and time will be confirmed later).

WEEK 3 (17 to 21 August 2020): This week is divided in two sections.
From 17 to 19 August:
– Workshop with ULTIMA VEZ Company / 10h-13h & 14h-17h
From 20 to 21 August:
– Performance Creation Lab with MEHDI FARAJPOUR – ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company / 10h-13h & 14h-17h

Public presentation of WEEK 3: The outcome performance of WEEK 3 will be choreographed by Mehdi Farajpour. The performance will take place on the 21 August (Venue and time will be confirmed later).

WEEK 4 (24 to 28 August 2020):
– Workshop & Performance Creation Lab with SOL PICO Company / 10h-13h
– Workshop & Performance Creation Lab with SOL PICO Company / 14h-17h

CLOSING SHOW of PSA 2020: 28 August 2020 / 20h / Micadanses (The show will be done under the artistic supervision of the choreographer: SOL PICO).


Fulfil and submit the ONLINE application form


– The Academy’s capacity is limited.
– Early applications would have the priority to be considered for the program.
– The Academy’s main language is English for both communication and teachings.
– PSA is a creative summer intensive program where artists from all around the world come together (Since 2013).
– Returning PSA artists would automatically get 100€ reduction.
– PSA is supported by the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris and Micadanses Dance Center.
– PSA can provide ACCOMMODATION only for FULL PROGRAM applicants (Resident artists).
– Resident artists are not allowed to host guests in their accommodation.
– The Academy will come to an end with a Final performance. Performing in this show is not obligatory.
– PSA will deliver a CERTIFICATE to the FULL PROGRAM participants at the end of the program.
– The Academy will be closed during weekends of August 2020.