9th edition of International
2 to 27 August 2021

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PSA is a GREEN program.
Applications are to be submitted ONLINE


Paris Summer Academy (PSA) is a unique of its kind professional summer intensive program with an interdisciplinary approach to different art forms including Contemporary dance, Physical theatre, Performance art, Voice,…
PSA is not a regular training program but an artistic meeting spot for practical researches and innovative performing methods led by a group of internationally recognised artists and companies invited from all around the world. PSA is a project initiated by Mehdi Farajpour and organised by ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company in partnership with the CITÉ INTERNATIONALE DES ARTS DE PARIS and MICADANSES Dance Venue. The program is open to all curious and open-minded Dancers, Physical theatre actors and Performance artists, who are willing to expand and lead their skills, abilities and imagination towards a cutting edge horizon.


PSA has collaborated with the following companies and artists since 2013: ULTIMA VEZ Company (Brussels, Belgium), Sol Pico Company (Barcelona, Spain), Miguel Pereira (Lisbon, Portugal), Jan Fabre Company (Antwerpen, Belgium), TangoSumo Company (France), ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company (Paris, France), Toula Limnaios Company (Berlin, Germany), Elke Luyton (USA), Gwen Sampé (USA), Katie Duck (USA), Anatoli Vlassov (Russia), Skye Reynolds (UK), Francesco Kiais (Italy), Anthony Howell (UK), Olivier Germser (France), Olivier de Sagazan (France), Mehdi Farajpour, …

PSA 2021 :
1) MAQAMAT / Omar Rajeh & Mia Habis (LB-FR)
2) O Rumo do Fumo / Miguel Pereira (PT)
3) Olivier Germser / TangoSumo (FR)
4) Gwen Sampé / Singer, vocalist and composer (USA-FR)
5) ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company / Mehdi Farajpour (FR-IR)


Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris
Micadanses Dance Center (Salle MAY B)


From the 2 August 2021 to the 27 August 2021.

WEEK 1 (2 to 6 August 2021):
– Dance Workshop & Performance Lab with Olivier Germser (10h-14h)
– Voice Workshop with Gwen Sampé (15h-17h)

OUTCOME PERFORMANCE with/by Olivier Germser (6 August at 16h)

WEEK 2 (9 to 13 August 2021):
– Dance Workshop with Omar Rajeh & Mia Habis (10h-13h)
– Performance Lab with Omar Rajeh & Mia Habis (14h-17h)

OUTCOME PERFORMANCE with/by Maqamat Dance Theatre (13 August at 16h)

WEEK 3 (16 to 20 August 2021):
– Live art & Dance Workshop with Miguel Pereira (10h-13h)
– Performance Lab with Miguel Pereira (14h-17h)

OUTCOME PERFORMANCE with/by Miguel Pereira (On the 20 August at 16h)

WEEK 4 (23 to 27 August 2021):
 – 23 August: EMPTY BODY workshop / Mehdi Farajpour (10h-13h & 14h-17h)
 – 24 August: EMPTY BODY workshop / Mehdi Farajpour (10h-13h)
 – 24 August: Performance Lab* / Supervised team-work / (14h-17)
 – 25 August: Performance Lab* / Supervised team-work / (10h-13h & 14h-17h)
 – 26 August: Performance Lab* / Supervised team-work / (10h-13h & 14h-17h)
 – 27 August: Performance Lab* / Supervised team-work / (10h-13h & 14h-19h)

*The PerformanceLab of the WEEK 4 is entitled From Concept to Performance to be supervised by ORIANTHEATRE’s choreographer Mehdi Farajpour & other collaborating artists/dancers. During this week, all PSA’s artists are supposed to actively participate in every steps of a creative process from forming a concept till transforming it to become a performance. Movement types and technics used during the creative process for the final showing of PSA2021 will be mainly based on the principes of EMPTY BODY workshop). 

FINAL SHOWING*: GROUP CREATION / 27 August 2021 / 20h / Micadanses (Salle MAY B).


Click on APPLICATION and submit it online.


– PSA’s capacity is limited to 25 artists from all around the world and all artistic disciplines related to body and movement.
– PSA is a creative and research based summer intensive program not a regular training occasion.
– Early applications would have the priority to be considered for the program.
– Returning PSA artists would automatically get 100€ reduction.
– PSA’s main language is English during both registration and teachings.
– PSA is supported by the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris and Micadanses dance venue.
– PSA provides ACCOMMODATION only for FULL PROGRAM participants (Resident artists) for the whole period of the program including the weekends of August.
– Resident are not allowed to host guests into their accommodation.
– The Academy will come to an end with a Final performance. Performing in this show is not obligatory.
– PSA will deliver a CERTIFICATE exclusively to the FULL PROGRAM participants (Either resident-artist or non resident-artists).
– PSA will run all through August 2021 (Except weekends).
– Any question? Drop us an email to parissummeracademy(at)gmail.com