Created in / Création: 2017-2019 – Duration / Durée: 60 min – Genre: Dance Installation / Installation chorégraphique – Concept, Direction & Choreography / Conception, mise en scène & ChorégraphieMehdi Farajpour – Music / Musique: Steve REICH (Music for 18 musicians) – Video / Vidéo: Mehdi FARAJPOUR
Performers: Neus Canalias Avila, Tabea Wittulsky, Issac Espinoza Hidrobo, Josip Pino Ivancic, Vladimir Butkovic, Maja Tuka, Ivana Natasa Turkovic, Martina Benic, Rocco Bertuzzi, Daria Krepkova, Anika Ghiraldo, Nika Janus.

Coproduced by / Coproduit par  ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company & PUF Festival

Thanks to the dancers of PARIS SUMMER ACADEMY 2017 for the first try-out session in Paris: Oscar Cheong Cho Seng, Jane Hamor, Jennifer Schecker, Margo De Smet, Jason Yap Kean Beng, Natalie Tin Yin Gan, Merve Ceyhan, Chiara Marcassa, Charlotte Bousi, Vlada Malaeva, Duarte Bénard, Norhaizad Adam, Annabelle Laik, Inga Galinytė, Sarah Rees, Helena Scheungrab, Lucie Belliveau, Isaac Espinoza Hidrobo, Neus Canalias Avila & Antonio Izquierdo Martínez.


META; from greek; is carrying several layers of meaning such as Beyond, Behind, Across, With or even After. But to me as the creator of this performance (META), the most important meaning of it is its conceptual definition that often is described as something that is «self-referential» or «referring to itself in term of genre and form». When writing the choreography and working on the concept, I tried to stay faithful to this meaning of « self-referential» by not trying to stay faithful to any of those known institutional art forms such as dance, theatre or even the performance art. META, to me, is a «dance installation» that won’t fit into any of those existing frames. Mehdi Farajpour


META is about the LIFE that can last only a short moment or an eternity.
TIME; this strange feeling and abstract dimension that expends its arms from birth to death.
DEATH; which is a part of our life itself as we die in every second of the LIFE and get re-born in a second that follows.
MOMENT; this very present time that is often scarified for a better one in the future.
FUTURE; a MOMENT that has not come yet but we can give the whole LIFE away for it…And this repetition, repetition, repetition,…