Premier / Première : 2006 – Duration / Durée : 45 min – Choreographer & director / Chorégraphe & metteur en scéne : Mehdi Farajpour – Performers / Performeurs Komal Subhash Gujarathi, Shima Mahdavi, Manali Subhash Gujarathi, Mehran Golmohammadi, Mehdi Farajpour – Stage Manager : Varesh Darvish & Maryam Majidi – Film : Ali Judi, Mehran Golmohammadi – Graphic & photos /Graphique & photos Maryam Majidi – Sound technicien / Son : Masoud Mardan – Accessories /Accesoires : Hengameh Sazesh – Video / Vidéo Masud Mardan – Public relations / Relations publiques Makan Kouchaki – Special thanks to / Merci à : Hema Nyranjan Nohony, Rahim Khouchaki.

PARTNERS / PARTENARIATS: 2nd International Theatre Festival (Bareilly, India), 11st International Theatre Festival (Cuttuck, India), 26th International Fadjr Theatre Festival (Tehran, Iran).


In some Indian beliefs, Shiva (the goddess of dance, love and destruction) will come back alive one day and ruin the entire world, in order to reconstruct it for good. It will happen in a time called Kally Ages (dark ages) when people’s hearts symbolically have turned to cemeteries. No emotion nor faith will exist by that time. Shiva will start dancing in a cemetery and while they are madly dancing, they will be named SUDDHALAIYADI which means: a dancer on the ashes of cemeteries.